Audition for DMR Adventures Spring Programs, 2018

This registration is for auditions for DMR Adventures Spring Programs, 2018, which include The Lion King, JR. (Broadway Adventure), Love’s the Thang (Teen Conservatory), and DMR All Stars Troupe. Please check the following dates and times to be sure that the director(s) of the program you are auditioning for will be in attendance on your audition date! You only need to attend one audition (unless you need to meet a director who is not in attendance at your first audition).

  1. Friday, Dec. 15 from 5-7PM All Stars & The Lion King, JR.
  2. Monday, Jan. 8 from 5:30-8PM Love’s the Thang and The Lion King, JR.
  3. Saturday, Jan. 20 from 12-3 All Stars & The Lion King, JR.
  4. Sunday Jan. 21 (two separate auditions this day)
 from 3-6 PM Love’s the Thang
    from 4PM-7:30PM The Lion King, JR. Call Backs (only for those who are registered and have already had initial audition)

(To find a date in January, please click JUMP TO DATE below and click the date for which you’d like to register).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a former member of the All Stars, you do not have to audition again. Please email for the registration link or simply register on our website!

We’re so glad that you are auditioning for DMR Adventures!

Please read below and sign up for a 10 minute time slot for your initial audition, and prepare to stay for up to 30 minutes. We will see up to two students in the 10 minute slot. Students should prepare a song for the audition (see below) and may be asked to perform a cold reading (reading from a script they have not yet seen).

*For Love’s the Thang, please prepare a short song (approx. 1 minute or less) in a style that you love to be performed a cappella (this can be pop, rock, jazz, etc., does not have to be musical theatre)
*For All Stars, please prepare a song in any genre that shows off your voice. You may sing a cappella or with a track
*For The Lion King, please prepare a song with a track if possible, also 1 minute or less. Broadway or something in the style of the show (but not from The Lion King) is ideal.

Please know that we WELCOME beginners with open arms! You have to start somewhere, and we are used to helping people through their first audition. We want to see that you have confidence in and a passion for theatre, that you are willing to take direction, and that you can match pitch. We may also evaluate your tone, harmony, and proficiency in other areas.

You will be asked to sing something that is one minute or less. Background tracks (iPad, iPod, CD, etc.) are recommended for All Stars and The Lion King, but you may sing a cappella if you do not have background music. Please do not stress about these auditions, just pick something that really shows your voice and personality. These auditions are great practice for all, and a wonderful assessment tool for the directors.

Auditions will take place at DMR Academy at 221 Carlton Road, Charlottesville, VA 22902. There is a parking lot, go through the door with our logo and look on the chalk and/or cork board to find out where to go the day of your audition!

Please bring your calendar to mark conflicts and make sure that an adult is there to sign a waiver if you are under 18!